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Additional Services

  • Creative GhostWriting Service    
  • Indep. Sales Representative:  Cosmetics, SkinCare, Apparel, Home Decor, Fragrance, etc. 
  • Personal Consulting & Speaking Engagements
Specialty area: Lifestyle issues of Women, Relationships (dating, singles, motherhood), Self-Esteem, & Inspiration/Encouragement

Your Beauty w/NancyCollins285 (aka YourBeauty285) is more than just another outlet, to talk about women issues.  It's a platform to help women, have a voice in a world that shuts them out (although men are welcome to use YourBeauty285 for their needs as well). Through the Ghostwriting svc. Women can tell their story, let out their frustrations, or create a dating profile, to meet their next love.     

Through cosmetics, apparel, skin care, jewelry, etc., YourBeauty285 is here, to help today's woman, feel complete.   In-between juggling the kids, career, and everything else, all women deserve to look and feel their best!!  
If what has been mentioned is not enough, then the option to invite Your Beauty w/NancyCollins285 to your upcoming event, is always available.  Whether it's serving on a panel, teaching a class, or providing personal consulting, YourBeauty is here for you!!

Fill out the Contact Form, for more details concerning an event, or providing a service.  The number one goal - is to provide great customer service, and promote today's whole woman!!
  1. Ghost Writing Svc.
    Are you at a loss for words, for your next book, blog, online profile, etc? Well you're the PERFECT candidate, to receive Ghost Writing service from me!! Allow my words to become yours! Contact me today, for further details!!!
  2. Indep. Sales Representative
    You will have access to some fabulous cosmetics, skin care, and fashion from leading national companies! The best pricing will always be offered! You will look & feel great, at a reasonable price.
  3. Speaking Engagements
    Speaking life into others, is what YourBeauty285 all about!! Whether it's being a voice on a panel, guest on a radio show, etc., YourBeauty w/NancyCollins285 is available to assist you. Fill out the contact sheet today, & submit your request.